Sunday, October 18, 2015


I'm at the point of my life right now when I'm questioning everyone's character. Everyone around me. My environment, I just don't feel mentally safe. Monarchy's in a small space. Everyone wants my time, but honestly I need this time to myself. I need to spend time with me. I need to work on me. So much gullibility and indecisive decisions from peers which indirectly affects me. People that I've grown with are in question, and that's so sad but it can't be helped. I've examined myself but I've always been the me within. It's time for an environment change. Another adjustment I need to make is eating. I haven't been eating like I want to lately. I've been eating close to 1 small meal a day. That isn't because I feel sick but it's because of my obligations, and lack of resources. I have to get the things that I need. 

Anyway back to the message. If you're reading this, make sure you check your 12. (That's a statement created by my best friend which he heard from his pastor. The talk was about Jesus and his 12 disciples, and how he was betrayed by Judas.) We all have these moments in our life. Just make sure you're doing what you want to do for you and never be where you're not wanted. Stay healthy, stay with God and send love in all places. I'm praying for stability and health within my physical, intellectual, imagination, emotional and spiritual self. Stay Prayed Up. 

Yours Truly,