Saturday, April 14, 2018

He Stoops To Paris

Hey Friends!

I know it’s been awhile since my last blog but I’m back and got a story to tell. This issue will also be featured with a short video of some footage I recorded in Paris and you will be able to access it in the link at the end of the blog. 

The last 3 months has been a roller coaster. Welcome to Episode 3!

The last I posted I did a recap of my first term in Uni and now I’ve finished my second. I’m never growing tired of England (Although I’m growing tired of the constant rain). For a while these past couple of months it would be dark outside at 4PM which was really upsetting to me. The day would kind of end early. It was a very cold and windy winter. Although I barely noticed the time jump it now gets dark at 8:30PM (Thank Jesus). One of my early highlights these past couple of months was the release of Black Panther. I’ve never been to the movies 3 times to see anything but this occasion was worth it! It was amazing. You see what happens when you give a Black director some money to make a movie? Magic happens, Ryan Coogler had Disney money and created something empowering, masterful, strong, and nonetheless Black. If you haven’t seen it I suggest you do before it leaves the cinema. I’ve never seen a super hero flick with grit and depth like that one had, but how can you not have depth when discussing the inner relations of Identity within the African and African American cultures? The movie was a 10/10. 

This last term has been a real challenge. I took part in a show called ‘She Stoops To Conquer’ by Oliver Goldsmith. 

It was an 18thcentury styled piece in the Georgian Era. My class worked with a very incredible director named Susanna Bishop. She’s a former RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company) actress, brilliant director and tutor. Her specificity in directing and knowledge about the style and text was phenomenal. She’s definitely one of the best. I was in the role of Tony Lumpkin, a country esquire who desired his fortune desperately. He was a young quick-witted problem child that was humoured by jokes and mischief. He both created all of the problems in the play AND solved them. It wasn't a walk in the park. It was probably one of the hardest roles I’ve ever been in but also the most fun! I’ve always wanted to play Puck in Shakespeare’s ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and in this show, I had the opportunity because the characters are somewhat very similar. I had to really figure out how to transform myself completely through voice, mannerisms and physicality. Nothing comes easy but I’m happy that I eventually rose to the occasion of what was needed from me and what I wanted to accomplish. The show was hilarious and my classmates did an awesome job. 

In the midst of finishing my second term I lost my grandmother. She was from Louisiana and was 86. Being so far from home without much money currently glued me to England so I didn't get to see her off but keep my family in your prayers. She was a rock in my Wilson side of the family and it always hurts to lose a Grandmother. She's in a better place now for sure. RIP Mudea! We love you!

One of my dreams came true last weekend. We’ve been on Easter break for 3 weeks and last weekend I travelled to a location of one of my childhood dreams, Paris. From the time, I arrived I was in amazement. I was also in disbelief. Travelling is something that’s not common where I’m from and It’s a dream some of my family members share. I didn’t have much money but God blessed me with what I needed to enjoy the city. I got to tour the Eiffel, I went to the famous Louve museum and saw the Mona Lisa (Quite Overrated if you ask me), I saw many famous buildings and walked all around the city. The FOOD! Oh my, the FOOD was AMAZING. The first thing I ate was a foot-long hot dog which was fairly cheap. It was toasted with sausage in the inside and cheese baked all around the bread. I was in food heaven. My favourite meal was the lasagne and salad with white French wine. My lasagne was the best I’ve probably ever tasted. The French can cook.

Mingling with the French was also a delight. I’ve picked up on a couple of new phrases like “Merci.” Love was in the air everywhere. There was always a couple on every block or so kissing or engaging in a deep romantic form. “It must be nice” is what my mind was thinking every time. Paris is fairy tale city. No really, like dogs are not even on leashes. They obey every French command and are trained enough to walk alongside their owners and be “civil.” I love, love so much. The whole time I was in Paris, on the Eiffel looking over the city, I couldn’t help but be so grateful and thankful for where I was standing. It’s all God and hard work. I am on a roll with knocking out dreams and goals and as long as I keep on my track I’m gonna get where I’m going eventually. You can do it to. Make sure you're dedicated and committing to your dreams everyday. You can shine wherever you are. 

"My attitude is never to be satisfied, never enough, never." - Duke Ellington

Till Next Issue! au revoir! 

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