Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Virtuous Sparks

I must confess that my mind is confusing sometimes, but there are certain things that allure me to a woman. First I love passion, a woman that has passion and ambition for anything is great. I love a woman that has many things going for her. That keeps herself busy, and don't feed off of anyone else. 

How you carry yourself is important. Yes, I'm attracted to some women who are naturally beautiful but have bad habits about how they carry themselves, but I will only pursue the high class woman that wears unrevealing clothes so that people could only wonder what's under. What also gets me is when a woman challenges me to be better in little ways. I can say that I'm very intellectual and I can introduce my woman to a lot of things, however I do want someone who's gonna keep me on my toes. Someone that wants to learn and grow with me. 

I'm waiting on the woman described in the bible, Proverbs 31-31, The Virtuous Woman. 

"She is far more precious than Jewels."


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